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Here, you’ll find information on the digital TV service from UK Broadband provider TalkTalk, including information on their new YouView TV offering.

YouView with TalkTalk

What is TalkTalk TV?

TalkTalk LogoTalkTalk TV is a digital TV service that lets users watch live TV and on-demand content via a broadband-enabled phone line.

TalkTalk is one of the YouView partners, and they’re able to offer a free YouView box to their customers (saving £299 on a high-street box)

YouView LogoThe YouView and TalkTalk offering became available in October 2012, and marks a re-entry into the digital TV market for TalkTalk after they closed their original TV offering to new customers some time back.

The new TV service combines live TV from Freeview, together with new services offered by the YouView service, and live sports. Unlike their rival YouView partner BT, TalkTalk is able to offer Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels on its TalkTalk service.

You can find more information about YouView on TalkTalk here: TalkTalk Plus TV

TalkTalk TV and YouView


Can you get TalkTalk TV? Check at

Looking for an alternative to TalkTalk TV? We recommend BT’s YouView service

BT YouView Current Deal



What does TalkTalk TV offer?

Here’s a summary of what’s on offer with TalkTalk’s TV service:

  • Over 70 channels of digital TV from Freeview (including Freeview HD)
  • Over 4,000 TV shows and movies on demand – you decide when you watch
  • YouView set-top box with digital recorder
  • Catch-up TV services from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5
  • 12 month subscription to LOVEFiLM on your iPad or laptop (offers 7,000 movies and TV shows)
  • Access to on-demand content from the TalkTalk Player
  • Access to blockbuster movies from Lovefilm Box Office and Now TV
  • Broadband (unlimited download)
  • A telephone service with free calls to UK landlines
  • Optional Sky Movies and Sky Sports

TalkTalk YouView box
The TalkTalk YouView box, manufactured by Huawei


TalkTalk TV Boosts

TalkTralk’s YouView offering comes with access to all of the Freeview channels, but you can take out optional “Boosts” to add more channels. TV Boosts are available for one month at a time, so you can watch, what you want, when you want to, without being tied into lengthy contracts. Here is a summary of the boosts on offer:

  • TV Starter Boost (£5) – Your favourite entertainment shows, culture and sport with Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1, Sky Arts 2 and Sky Sports News.
  • Kids Boost (£5) – 13 children’s channels including Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network, many available on-demand.
  • Music Boost (£5) – the most popular music channels in the UK including MTV Music, The Box and more.
  • Entertainment Boost (£10) – all channels included in the TV Starter Boost plus, Gold, Watch, Comedy Central, Fox, Discovery and much more, including some on-demand.
  • Entertainment Extra Boost (£15) – our biggest selection with 58 channels including all of those in the Entertainment Boost plus Kids and Music.
  • Other TV Boosts – Sky Movies Boosts and Sky Sports Boost are also available for 1 month at a time for £15 and £30 respectively. The ESPN Boost is £10 per month and our Asian Boost featuring the best in Bollywood blockbusters is £10 per month.


The Original Talk Talk TV Service

Originally known as Tiscali TV (until the Carphone Warehouse’s takeover of Internet firm Tiscali), TalkTalk TV offered TV channels over the phone line.

The service, which as of 2012 is still running, offers over 70 channels of digital TV, over 1500 on-demand movies, over 5000 music videos, hundreds of TV series, and a TV rewind service. Digital TV channels include:

Sky One, Sky Two, Pick TV, Comedy Central, GOLD, SyFy, BBC Three, E4, More4, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Film4, ESPN, Discovery, National Geographic, Chelsea TV, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Cbeebies, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and more.

TalkTalk TV On-screen guide
TalkTalk TV’s old On-screen guide


TalkTalk TV EPG Screen
TalkTalk TV’s old EPG screen

TalkTalk+ PVR

The original TalkTalk TV service came with a PVR (digital recorder) that could hold 50 hours of TV. It had the ability to record up to three things at once – a digital stream of TV-over-Internet, as well as two Freeview channels (if you connect the box to a TV aerial). Record TV-over-Internet onto the PVR and play back on your telly. The TalkTalk+ PVR was originally available on Tiscali TV for £50, on top of the monthly subscription.

Tiscali TV+ PVR


If you’re looking for an Internet-based service that’s available to a larger part of the UK – Take a look at BT Vision , YouView on BT or Virgin Media.


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    cannot get tv remote to youview by pressing 4 on box remote for a panasonic tv so having to use tv remote for sound.Cuckoo Clock

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    I am looking to view Gold, History, Drama and Discovery channels and wondered what price per month they would be from yourselves. Currently have Sky but it is very expensive and looking for a cheaper alternative.
    Also if I went with yourselves what would it cost on top to set up those channels, eg set top box etc?
    Look forward to hearing from you via my email address above.
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