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Cartoon Network in the UK

Looking to get the Cartoon Network channel in the UK? We let you know how to receive this channel.

Cartoon Network Logo

In the UK, the Cartoon Network is available on a subscription basis.

Shows on the Cartoon Network include: Atomic Betty, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Duck Dodgers, Scooby-Doo, The Batman, The Powerpuff Girls and Tom & Jerry.


Digital TV services offering this channel:

TV Service
Channel offered
Sky Digital


To get Sky, you'll need to have a satellite dish installed, get a set-top box, and pay a monthly subscription.

More details on our Sky Digital Explored page. To get Sky, sign up online at

Virgin Media

Virgin Media uses special fibre-optic cables. You need to be in a cable area, get a special set-top box, and sign up to a monthly subscription.

More on our Virgin Media page. To see if you're in a cable area, go to

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV is available in parts of the UK, and uses your existing phone line to deliver digital TV to your home. This is a subscription service.

More details at, or on our TalkTalk TV page

BT Vision

BT Vision gets live TV via a TV aerial and gets movies plus extra TV and Sport content via your Broadband connection. It comes with a hard-disk recorder and is available to BT's broadband customers.

On demand: The full Cartoon Network channel is not available on BT Vision, however a selection of programmes from this channel are available using BT Vision. From the set-top box, you can access a library of "on demand" programmes from this channel. You can view programmes on a pay-per-view basis, or sign up to one of the BT Vision monthly packages, which allows unlimited access to on-demand content.

More on our BT Vision Review page or at

Top Up TV Anytime

Top Up TV Anytime uses a TV aerial to get live TV channels, and the special set-top box records extra TV programmes overnight, that you can watch over the next seven days. This is a subscription service.

On demand: The full Cartoon Network channel is not available on Top Up TV Anytime, but a small selection of programmes from this channel are downloaded overnight and stored on the box's hard-drive for viewing later.

More on our Top Up TV Anytime page


Freeview is delivered to set-top boxes via a TV aerial. Boxes cost from £20, and no subscription is required.

More on our Freeview Explained page


Freesat is a subscription-free satellite TV service. You'll need a satellite dish and set-top box

More on our Freesat page


Need any help with digital TV? Try our Digital TV Help section.

BT YouView Current Deal

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