UK TV Digital Switchover – Help and Advice

The Digital Switchover completed in October 2012, and we’re pleased to have been able to help our site visitors to make the change. On this page, you’ll find information on the switchover process.

Digital Switchover: Mission Accomplished!

The UK Digital TV Switchover completed in October 2012. Information on this page has been retained as a service to site visitors looking for information on the digital switchover, or for those still having problems now that the analogue TV service has been largely switched off.

What was the Digital Switchover?

The UK’s analogue TV service was switched off in phases around the UK between 2007 and 2012.

The old analogue TV services were switched off, meaning that everyone in the UK had to make the transition to digital using one of the digital TV services.

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What are thew digital options?

As part of the switchover, to be able to watch TV after your region “went digital”, you will need each TV and recorder in your home to be able to get a digital TV service.

There are several ways that you can get digital TV:

  • Freeview – TV via a TV aerial
  • Satellite TV – Received with a satellite dish
    (Sky or Freesat)
  • Cable TV – From underground cable (Virgin Media)
  • Internet – TV over a broadband connection


The Switchover Process?

Before your region switched off, you needed to make sure that each of your TV sets, and any TV recording equipment wa capable of getting a digital TV service.

Philips FTA Freeview boxMost people in the UK get their TV from a rooftop TV aerial, and for them, the easiest option was for them to get Freeview. With Freeview, you buy a small set-top box for each of your TV sets, plug them in, and you’re ready to start watching over 50 channels of digital TV. In most cases, existing analogue TV aerials were sufficient.

Other options include getting a satellite TV service (either a subscription service like Sky, or a non-subscription service, like Freesat). You can also consider the cable TV service from Virgin, if you’re in a cable TV area.


What happened at Switchover?

When your region and your local transmitter was about to be switched over to digital, you should have been informed. Adverts appeared in the local press, there were a series of Digital TV roadshows in many areas, and some people who are eligible for help with the switchover, received a special letter offering assistance.

On the switchover day, the older analogue service was switched off, and you needed to start watching TV using a digital TV service.


Digital Switchover Links:

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