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Classic radio shows

Radio nostalgia


Looking for classic BBC Radio comedy?

  • If you can get to it, take a listen to BBC Radio 4 Extra – This digital radio channel frequently runs repeats of classic BBC Radio comedy. You can get BBC Radio 4 Extra on Freeview, DAB and Sky. Well worth a listen!
  • Classic comedy on cassette. The BBC Audio Collection contains great episodes of old favourites including Round the Horne, Dad’s Army, Steptoe and Son, The Goon Show, Hancocks’s Half Hour, Spike Milligan, The Navy Lark, Just a Minute, I’m Sorry I’ll Read that Again, Porridge and Yes Minister. Go to the BBC Shop and see what they have to offer, then sit down with a nice cup of tea, a dunking biscuit, and lots of free time.
  • – Wide collection of comedy and audio books available for download for your PC or MP3 player
  • Got a question? Try our Comedy forum

Radio jingles

Collections of radio jingles can be found at: and TellyTunes

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