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TellyGuides: On-Screen Channel Lists

Tired of buying a TV listings magazine? Could your digital TV on-screen programme guide suit your needs?

We compare the EPG, Electronic Programme Guides from Sky, Virgin, BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, TalkTalk TV and Top Up TV


Electronic Programme Guides

Here is a summary of the on-screen Electronic Programme Guides for the major UK TV Services:

Sky Programme Guide

The main programme listing guide on Sky and Sky+ boxes. Accessible from the dedicated "Guide" button, this provides 7 days of listings. Programme Search is poor, otherwise navigation is straightforward and intuitive.

More on Sky | Sky+ help and advice

Sky+HD Programme Guide

The new-look Sky Programme Guide is available on most Sky+HD High Definition boxes, allowing you to see the channel you're watching while you browse through the listings. 7 days of listing, and now with categories. Also offers Improved search, better series link and selection of recorded programmes. Seen by some as less intuitive.

More on Sky+HD

BT Vision Programme Guide

An easy-to-use guide with a powerful search, allowing you to search shows for the next 7 days, as well as on-demand content and shows featuring a certain actor. Transparent, so you can still see what you're watching.

More on BT Vision

Virgin Programme Guide

Reportedly a little less fast than Sky's programme guide, but the Virgin Media V+ box does now support a transparent guide so you can watch while browsing the guide.

More on Virgin Media

Freeview Programme Guide

Each make and model of Freeview receiver are different, and each programme guide is equally different. They all support at least 7 days of listings, and get their guide information over-the-air. Pictured here is the EPG from a Humax PVR9300T

More on Freeview
Freesat Programme Guide

The Freesat programme guide pictured here is from the Humax Foxsat satellite receiver. Navigation is straightforward and the interface is uncluttered.

More on Freesat

TalkTalk TV Programme Guide

The programme guide that's supplied with the TalkTalk TV service (Formerly Tiscali TV) service. Sorry, but as we're not in a Tiscali coverage area - we can't test it!

More on TalkTalk TV

Top Up TV Programme Guide

Somewhat clunky compared with the other EPGs we're looking at here

More on Top Up TV


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