Freeview and TopUp TV channels

When you look through the available channels on Freeview, you’ll see some Top Up TV channels. How can these be viewed on a Freeview box or TV set? Find out more.


Top Up TV Channels

If you have a Freeview box or TV set, you may see channels for:

  • G.O.L.D
  • Home (formerly UKTV Style)
  • ESPN
  • Sky Sports 1
  • Sky Sports 2

You’ll find that you can’t access these, as they are subscription channels. So, how do you get to these?

These channels are subscription-only channels and are available to customers of Top Up TV, a company that provide extra content over the Freeview system.


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Can I buy a subscription card to get G.O.L.D and Home on Freeview?

No. Let us explain why…

Until 2007, a company called Top Up TV sold a subscription service where if you had a suitable Freeview box, you could pay £7.99 a month and get 11 extra subscription channels using a special viewing card.

Top UP TV Anytime LogoIt all changed in 2007, when Top Up TV brought in a new service, Top Up TV Anytime. Instead of showing 11 extra channels, they now supply a special set-top box that has a built-in recorder. Overnight, Top Up TV sends a collection of TV shows over-the-air that your box records for you watch over the next seven days.

To get Top Up TV Anytime, you’ll need to buy a special Top Up TV Anytime box. This will give you 100 hours of extra shows per week. You can also get a box and subscription direct from – The box costs £70 (or £40 for a reconditioned box). You can also get Top Up TV Anytime boxes from Argos and Amazon.

As well as the downloaded TV shows, you’ll be able to access a very limited number of hours of live TV, currently:

  • Channel 17 – G.O.L.D (6pm – 11:30pm)
  • Channel 26 – Home (2pm – 4pm)
  • Channel 34 – ESPN Sport (Extra subscription needed)
  • Channel 41 – Sky Sports 1 (Extra subscription needed)
  • Channel 42 – Sky Sports 2 (Extra subscription needed)

TopUp TV Anytime Box
The Top Up TV Anytime box


Can I get GOLD and Home on Freeview?

The only way to get these channels on Freeview is to buy a Top Up TV Anytime box. Even then, you only get a few hours of those channels a day.

If you want these channels, consider a different TV service, such as:

Sky LogoSky Digital: Widest choice of channels. Received with satellite dish and set-top box.See our Sky page or go to


Virgin Media Logo Virgin Media: Available to parts of the UK via underground cabling and a Cable TV set-top box.See our Cable TV page, or go to TalkTalk TV LogoAvailable in parts of the UK via a special box that’s connected to your phone line.More on our TalkTalk TV page, or at



Sky Sports LogoCan I get Sky Sports on Freeview?

Yes – Either with a Top Up TV box or a BT Vision box:


ESPN LogoCan I get ESPN on Freeview?

Yes – Either with a Top Up TV box, a BT Vision box, or on a Freeview box that has a suitable card slot. How to get ESPN on Freeview.


I have a Freeview box… why can’t I get these extra channels?

The only way to get GOLD and Home over Freeview is to get a Top Up TV Anytime box (see above). Existing Freeview TV sets and boxes, even those with card slots, can’t get these channels.

Don’t blame us – Blame Top Up TV, who stopped their subscription card service back in 2007.


I want more channels!

The channel options available on Freeview are quite limited. You might want to consider some of the other options:

Freeview LogoSky Digital LogoBT Vision LogoVirgin Media LogoYouView Logo Freesat Logo


Digital TV - YouView from BT


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