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NetGem box new software

December 23rd, 2004

As of 22nd of December 2004, an upgrade to the NetGem Freeview receiver software has been made available.

For details of the upgrade, and information on how to install the latest version of software, see

Who needs an iPod anyway?

November 19th, 2004

Who needs an iPod, when you can have a Zen Micro? Creative Labs impressive (and tiny!) little gadget is now available – think iPod but with FM Radio , recorder, contacts and calendar. Something for the Christmas list!

DAB for under £50

November 18th, 2004

When the new DAB digital radios first came out, the prices were often well over £100. At the moment, Dixons are knocking out the excellent Grundig Opus DAB radio for less than £50. This stereo mains-powered DAB receiver has line-out sockets for connecting into a tape deck or hi-fi if required. A bargain, and a great Christmas pressy idea.

More at

DAB hi-fi adapter

November 18th, 2004

A new gadget has just been launched that can add DAB radio to your existing hi-fi. This little box with it’s scrolling screen and remote control, plugs into your Hi-Fi setup and adds the new digital radio channels without having to buy a new hi-fi or full-size tuner.

Details at

ITV3 coming to Freeview

September 30th, 2004

ITV3 is set to launch on Freeview on 1st November 2004.

Hitch-Hiker’s Radio Series returns 21st September

September 19th, 2004

A quick reminder that the third series of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series is set to air on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 21st Sept at 6:30pm.

The original series was broadcast in March 1978, with the second series first being heard in January 1980. Twenty-four years later, we get to hear the “Tertiary phase”, recorded with many of the original series cast.

For more, see Radio 4’s Hitch-hikers page at

More radio stations join Freeview

August 15th, 2004

talkSPORT and Premier Christian Radio have been added to the Freeview lineup.

Disney daytime service due Sept 2004

August 10th, 2004

Disney’s “Daytime” channel is to launch on 27th September 2004, under the name “ABC1″.

Coupling Series 4 DVD / Video release

August 9th, 2004

Coupling Series 4 is still airing on BBC2 – we’re due to see a very fast DVD & video release, as this will be available from 16th August.

More on our Coupling Information page

New Disney channel on Freeview in September

August 9th, 2004

Disney’s ABC1 channel launches on Freeview on 27th September 2004. Initially, ABC1 be air from 6am to 6pm, mostly showing U.S shows including drama, comedy and serials.

ITV3 due to launch

August 5th, 2004

ITV3 is scheduled to launch on Freeview on 1st November 2004, offering drama and soap.

Hitchhiker’s Guide returns to Radio 4

June 22nd, 2004

Life, The Universe And Everything; So Long And Thanks For All The Fish and Mostly Harmless are to be dramatised for radio,with a new series starting on BBC Radio 4 in September 2004.

BT Netgem to support TopUP TV

May 14th, 2004

According to a message in our forum, the BT version of the NetGem Freeview box should be compatible with TopUp TV cards in June this year. A great boost for this already excellent Freeview box.

Priced at £65, this box supports Internet, email, webcam, mp3 and caller display. More ad

Goodmans GDB5 DAB / Freeview finally available

May 13th, 2004

The Goodman GDB5 combined DAB digital radio and Freeview receiver became available today. After many months of waiting, this unit is now available, priced just under £100…

Details: Goodmans Freeview Boxes page.

Coupling Series 4

May 13th, 2004

Series 4 of Coupling is back! Starting on 10th May 2004 at 10:30pm, the fourth series of this excellent comedy is being shown on BBC3.

BBC3 is available on Freeview and Sky Digital.

More on Coupling: Coupling TV Series.

Another shopping channel joins

April 25th, 2004

Ideal World (shopping channel) added to Freeview on channel 22.


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